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Building ambitious applications is expensive. We help you reduce costs , build solid foundations and level up your team in the process.


Taking on a big project, we decided to pull in experts from effective ember to help us implement multiple complicated features. The team delivered above and beyond of our expectations - we got our codebase structured well for the future, passed on a lot of knowledge to the team, all the while keeping our tight deadlines on track.

Trish Tomiak-Gough
Patrycja Tomiak-Gough
Director, Perforce Software

We had an Ember Mapbox project that effective ember executed flawlessly, from responsive CSS to elegant JavaScript. Their time management and communication skills are unmatched and made it a pleasant experience for all.

sarah bostwick
Sarah Bostwick
Technical Director, PXL

“Developing a complex client-side application will be an expensive journey. Bringing in effective ember allowed us to shrink that significantly and level up the team very quickly. You hire someone who can improve your team over time by many percent - the compound effect of that is massive.”

Sean Hanly
Sean Hanly
CEO, Ticketsolve

effective ember's deep technical knowledge and keen listening skills helped our team perform at the next level. Their artful and thorough approach materially improved our code architecture and quality. They were an indispensable partner as we vetted and hired our Frontend Team Lead. I only wish there were more of them to go around!

Mario Olivio Flores
Mario Olivio Flores
Head of Engineering, SuitePad

effective ember's thorough understanding of the Ember.js framework from the early stages was an immense help in our upgrade journey from 1.12 to Octane. A great process of clear commit messages, PRs and reviews helped strengthen the Ember skills of our team at the same time.

Andreas Sippl
Andreas Sippl
Lead Engineer, skizeit.at


When working with effective ember you are hiring an experienced team of top level experts. With more than 16 years Ember.js experience combined we have lead the development of a multitude of complex applications with pre-historic Ember.js versions to the most recent Octane edition.

Clemens Müller

Clemens Müller


Clemens is one of the most experienced Ember.js developers in Europe. He has been building complex Ember.js applications since 2012. As an ember-data core-team emeritus he is still very active in the Ember.js open source community. Clemens today lives in Berlin and is one of the Co-Organizers of Ember.js Berlin.

Michael Klein

Michael Klein


Michael is one of the leading Ember.js consultants in Europe. He has extensive experience in building dynamic web-applications for successful startups around the globe that serve millions of users. Michael has been developing high-impact production applications with Ember.js since 2012 and is an active contributor in the Ember.js open-source ecosystem.

Consulting Services

Custom App Audits

We will take a fresh look at your Ember.js application, determine architectural flaws and put together an actionable prioritized plan for improving your application's maintainability and future development with up to date software development best practices.

Team Upleveling

Letting a development team with potential find their way in a huge ecosystem and learning an all encompassing framework to solve problems thoroughly is a costly endeavor. We will coach your team to get up to speed quickly, look at challenges in a structured way and level them up to solve problems efficiently on their own.

Custom Feature Development

We get together and design and execute a high-fidelity solution to your most challenging problems. Your team will be thoroughly kept in the loop during development and onboarded on how the solution was integrated in your codebase and how similar concepts can be applied to your day-to-day activities in the future.

Hands-on Architecture Direction

Does your business need ongoing Ember.js-guidance, support in application architecture, decision-making support and team mentoring? This monthly service allows you to receive top-notch guidance quickly without hiring a lead frontend architect in-house.

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TILs and other topics around Ember.js development

We open source

We believe in open source and try to give back as much as possible. We maintain multiple Ember.js addons ourselves. The one we are most proud of:


ember-statecharts provides an easy way to use the popular xState statechart library in Ember.js applications. This is especially useful when modeling and implementing complex user interaction behavior. Statecharts can also be used as a powerful collaborative tool to discuss complex application behavior with non-technical stakeholders and surface hidden requirements that otherwise would be forgotten in the software planning phase.

  • Model behavior explicitly

    Instead of relying on implicit states and complex conditional logic you model your behavior as a set of explicit states that handle events.

  • Build robust UIs

    Because behavior is only executed when a given state understands an event it is impossible to trigger invalid application behavior.

  • Visual Documentation

    Statecharts can be visualized and can be used as a way to discuss application behavior with non-technical stakeholders. A visual representation is also a great way to document how things work and makes it easy to dive into complex behavior implemented by other developers.


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