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For your convenience, we are offering consulting packages as low-risk, fixed-price packages where possible. If you don't find a package that adresses your needs please get to discuss.

Application Audit
€1659 / app

We will take a fresh look at your Ember.js application, determine architectural flaws and put together an actionable prioritized plan for improving your application's maintainability and future development with up to date software development best practices.

  • Outside Feedback

    It's always valuable to get outside feedback from experts. You'll get outside confirmation about your team's development practices and suggestions for improvement when we find parts of your code base that aren't following current Ember.js best practices.

  • Quick Wins

    Our application audit usually doesn't take more than a few days to complete. You will receive results quickly and in a structured form that you can use as a prioritized list for your development team to improve your application's maintainability and health immediately.


Team Upleveling
€1279 / mo

Letting a development team with potential find their way in a huge ecosystem and learning an all encompassing framework to solve problems thoroughly is a costly endeavor. We will coach your team to get up to speed quickly, look at challenges in a structured way and level them up to solve problems efficiently on their own.

  • Best practices that work

    Keeping up to date with most recent development best practices and figuring out what really works while implementing a complex application is hard. Hiring us for coaching your team is an inexpensive way to bring fresh ideas into your team that we have seen improve other applications significantly.

  • Maintainability driven development

    Over and over again we have seen development teams struggle because they were trying to follow the newest hype. We introduce teams to solid development best practices that we have seen work in practice and improve your team's workflow with proven software design principles. Our main goal is to help your team build a maintainable application that will stand the test of time.

  • Scaling resources

    Expanding your team one developer at a time takes forever and doesn't scale your existing development capabilities significantly in the long run. Hiring seasoned experts to improve each of your existing developers by many percent does. We help existing teams get better quickly, reach their full potential and help you hire new talent.


Custom Feature Development

We get together and design and execute a high-fidelity solution to one of your most challenging problems. Your team will be thoroughly kept in the loop during development and onboarded on how the solution was integrated in your codebase and how similar concepts can be applied to your day-to-day activities in the future.

  • Solve challenging problems

    We have a track record of building very complex client side applications with Ember.js for years. We know how to solve hard problems with elegant and maintainable code.

  • Maintainable code

    Even the greatest solution doesn't bring much to the table if your team can't maintain it after we leave the project. When we implement a custom feature for you we will keep your team in the loop and make sure that they can take over when our engagement with you ends.

  • Solid solutions

    When implementing custom features for you we make sure our solution is thorougly documented and the architecture used is well explained. This way your team can learn from our development practices and apply them to their work when new challenges arise.

custom feature development

Architecture Direction
from €7990 / mo

Does your business need ongoing Ember.js-guidance, support in application architecture, decision-making support and team mentoring? This monthly service allows you to receive top-notch guidance quickly without hiring a lead frontend architect in-house.

  • Hands-on Application Architecture

    Solving complex challenges with clean application architecture is tricky and needs a lot of experience. We are no Ivory Tower Architects but pragmatic hands-on developers who help guide your team into the right direction. We develop architecture concepts jointly with your developers and pair with them during implementation.

  • Team mentoring

    We have worked with a multitude of different teams over the years with great success. We will review your team's code regularly and mentor developers to solve complex challenges on their own. Personal coaching is only a video-call away and we can provide regular workshops to your team to share knowledge efficiently.

  • Decision-making support

    Without years of experience in client-side development it's often hard to choose between different alternatives of doing things. If you haven't implemented offline data in projects already it's hard to tell what different persistence libraries in the Ember.js ecosystem bring to the table regarding a feature like that for example. We have worked with Ember.js since its inception and can help you make informed decisions about technology options.


Bespoke Application Development

For companies that don't have a software engineering team yet or are lacking the development resources to implement their newest idea from scratch currently we also provide a bespoke application development service for proof of concepts prototypes to full-fledged production systems. We will get together and engineer your entire application for you and help you hire and onboard a development staff that can take over the application eventually.

  • Solid Foundation

    We will implement and document an application that is built on top of a solid foundation. Our goal is to provide a solid base that you can built on top of when you have a team ready to take over.

  • Proven trackrecord

    We have developed a multitude of complex client-side applications with Ember.js since 2012. Our experience ranges from smaller one-off multi-week long projects to rewrites of large applications that spanned multiple years.

  • Deadlines you can depend on

    With the experience we bring to the table we will be able to deliver great quality within budget while commiting to a clear deadline. We will work with you transparently and plan towards a realistic release plan.

Bespoke Application Development

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